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About us

About us

GMACH has served with his service since 1990, has implemented turnkey flour and semolina plants in 54 countries and through strategic work, it is continuosly expanding its market share, continuouspursuit of technologies and innovations, who sees the success of their employees as the success of the instutution, the success of the institution as the success of their staff, has emerged as a result of the success abroad, always young and dynamic permanent GENC DEGIRMEN.

On an area of 30,000 sq/m, the company offers solutions for flour and semolina plants with experienced employees. Thanks to its worldwide network of dealers, it successfully completed turn-key projects in 54 countries.

GMACH is; in a fast-growing and developing world and growing food demand, has been pursuing new developments since its inception, respectful of the environment, has gained the trust of its customers with its after sales support, due to the enrichment of the machine park, it follows the high-tech production standards and enables fault-free production.

The technology is used effectively in all production areas, ranging from painting lines that allow fast and problem-free painting of machines to woodworking workshops and modern material storage for spare parts supply.

The experience of the company becomes a force that generates important solutions at every stage of production, from design to assembly. While it is proud to deliver more than 300 projects that it has undertaken to date without errors and punctuality, the research and development department continues to produce new projects.

By adding production quality to after sales support, it is possible with certain objectives and strategies to be a locomotive that increases its value to the sector and its share in the world market.